Hotter than Legwarmers and Sixteen Candles in the 80’s: Pinterest

I’m a Gen X’er who grew up with preppy collars and leg warmers. If you remember Sixteen Candles, the movie where all girls my age wanted Molly Ringwald’s pouty lips and the character Jake, you also recall how fast trends spread. Decades later if I hear someone screech “Jake”, it takes me back to high school where that was a key phrase. Samantha’s clothes were copied. The music group Spandau Ballet enjoyed extra celebrity thanks to their song highlighting a key scene. It wasn’t an Oscar winning movie but it was a trend setter.

These teen flashbacks occurred over the weekend when I returned from vacation. My husband and I enjoyed a few days to ourselves courtesy of Royal Caribbean. We weren’t gone that long, just  short of a week. Yet one word transitioned from a little whisper in the distance to a full roar I can’t escape. Whether online or with friends, this phenomenon is bigger than yes, Sixteen Candles.

What is it?
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This newest form of social media propelled faster than Facebook and Twitter. Its potential for addiction just as rapid as the rumors Samantha liked Jake. Pinterest is by invite, but if you request free membership from the site you’ll receive one in a day or so.

Then what?

Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board. Where Twitter has Tweets and Re-Tweets, Pinterest has Pins and Re-Pins. I installed a bookmarklet for Firefox and pretty much anything on the web is available as a pin. Create your board, add your pins. Describe what your pins are about. It’s that easy.

Bulletin board ideas are endless. I’ve seen wish lists, home ideas, favorite movies, quotes, antiques, and so much more. You can follow boards similar to the way you accept Facebook friends. What I like about Pinterest is so far, it appears low maintenance. Authors are fond of this hottest new trend because they can pin their book covers and gain a new audience with little effort. Their pins can generate new boards for readers who re-pin those books for their wish list boards.

Steve Laube featured a link about Pinterest that I found interesting. If you’re thinking about trying the cyberspace cork board out, follow me.

I’ll be the one with a turned up collar and leg warmers screaming for Jake.

Surrendering the good, the bad, and—maybe one day—the chocolate

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4 Responses to Hotter than Legwarmers and Sixteen Candles in the 80’s: Pinterest

  1. Caitlin says:

    So glad that you liked the article on Pinterest! It’s a really fun site. Have fun pinning!


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  3. Sarah Goebel says:

    Ooo…I will check this out. Thanks, Julie.


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