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A Personal God by James R. Coggins

Luke 1:5-25 tells a story with cosmic significance. The priest Zechariah was performing temple service on behalf of all the Jewish people (and in a sense on behalf of all people). Gabriel, an angel, who stands in the presence of … Continue reading

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Unpopular Parenting

Oh, the advice, admonitions, and warnings I received when our daughter was young, and often from people who had very little day-to-day contact with us. Their biggest complaint? That I sheltered her too much. And in every accusation came the … Continue reading

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Deepening Your Prayer Life

There are times when shout out prayers are all one can manage. Like when you’re raising infants … on -3 hours of sleep. When, upon learning your now adult daughter wants to go into international missions, and she begins to talk … Continue reading

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