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Miracle at the Wedding by Julie Arduini

Earlier this week Nancy Farrier shared wedding thoughts, and it got me thinking about weddings. Our son marries next month and now that our daughter graduated from high school, it’s wedding mode. There’s a wedding I’ve had on my mind … Continue reading

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The Bible and the Rebellious GPS by Julie Arduini

I have a Ford Escape with Sync navigation. Recently I had to update the software and with most technology, that comes with some bugs. One of the issues is that my dashboard electronic map at any moment can decide to … Continue reading

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Soul Food and the Heart-Weary Christian by Vicki Hinze

      It’s Holy Week.  Almost Easter.  A revered time for people of faith.  The most revered time for Christians.  Today, I need to chat.  That’s right, to chat.  I need to talk with like-minded people—people who believe.  My … Continue reading

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The Christian Reaction to The Bible Series by Julie Arduini

Whether you have an actual water cooler at work or where ever you spend your Monday morning, chances are the topic of conversation was the History Channel’s 10 part series on the Bible. The ratings are in  and over 14 … Continue reading

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