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Between the Rock and the Hard Place by Vicki Hinze

We’ve all been there with bosses, friends, family. Caught between the rock and the hard place. It’s uncomfortable, it’s maddening, and at times it’s heartbreaking.   We try to avoid those situations. We keep our opinions and thoughts to ourselves, … Continue reading

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The Information Dump by Julie Arduini

I wear a few hats. I’m a wife and a mom who juggles life as an author and speaker. Beyond writing, I facilitate a critique group and participate in another. I’m active in ministry work, this season has me lending … Continue reading

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The Names of God by Tara Randel

I recently started reading a book about the names of God. It made me sit back and contemplate just how awesome our living God is. We all have ups and downs in life, struggle through circumstances or long for the … Continue reading

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True Love Takes Time by Hannah Alexander

See this beautiful stream? It’s peaceful to me, even romantic. The small trickle of water has made a course down the easiest path, gently moving stones and earth, reeds and brush. Flood it with too much water all at once, … Continue reading

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Sharing Our Stories by Lynette Sowell

We made a very important and momentous trip a little more than one week ago. No fanfare and media frenzy, unlike what happened outside a London hospital not long before. Just a simple trip, three ladies in a bright-red extended-cab … Continue reading

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More on Books Changing Us

I was so fascinated by Maureen’s post that I started to comment, and then decided to make it  my post for today. I’ve written a previous blog post or two about how books can change us. Maureen’s points are all valid and … Continue reading

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Let God Talk to You Review by Yvonne Ortega

Some people believe God doesn’t talk to people anymore. I’m grateful He still does. What a privilege to have the opportunity to hear God speak to us. Many of us go to God with our long list of requests. We … Continue reading

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A Christmas Journey Home Review by Yvonne Ortega

A Christmas Journey Home by Kathi Macias is not a warm fuzzy novel. Kathi Macias is a master at writing novels that make the readers think and question the depth of their beliefs. In this novel, she doesn’t disappoint her … Continue reading

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A Pleasant Surprise: Rejection

I enjoyed a lot of nice surprises this month. My sister delivered a beautiful baby boy the day before Thanksgiving, erasing the memory our family held for years where that day was always the day our baby nearly died. Talk … Continue reading

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More than I Bargained For by Julie Arduini

Now that I have a Kindle, there is yet another facet to my reading life. As a writer I read to learn. Although I’m looking at the story my focus is on the “back-end” of things such as the plot, … Continue reading

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