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We Have a Choice by Bridget A. Thomas

It is no secret that complaining and negativity is rampant in our culture. It has been for a long time. Then 2020 came along, and our griping seemed to multiply overnight. But we don’t have to succumb to the pessimistic … Continue reading

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Positively Negative by Nancy J. Farrier

Blind! I’m going to go blind. The thought swirled through my mind in a nauseating repeat. Yesterday the ophthalmologist confirmed the diagnosis that I had glaucoma. No cure. No going back. Possible blindness. I sailed through the first day after … Continue reading

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Words by Tara Randel

How often do we think about the words we say? Or read? We are bombarded with words from television, the internet, and books. Do we listen or tune them out? Do we take them to heart?  As an author, I … Continue reading

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