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An Unintended Legacy by James R. Coggins

The patriarch Joseph was undoubtedly a moral and godly man. He is credited with saving Egypt from a disastrous famine. Because of Pharaoh’s dreams and the interpretation of them which God gave to Joseph, Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of … Continue reading

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But God… by Nancy J. Farrier

In times of turmoil, we tend to focus on the turmoil and forget the power of our Creator and how much He cares for us. We forget how often the Bible talks about dire situations and then says—But God. Because … Continue reading

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Blessed by Adversity

By Jim Denney I recently read a short story by W. Somerset Maugham called “The Verger.” If you’ve never read the story, here’s a SPOILER ALERT. That’s right, fair warning, I’m about to spoil the ending. But here’s a link … Continue reading

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