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Nora’s Review of… The Last Year of the War

    THE LAST YEAR OF THE WAR by Susan Meissner Published by Berkley ISBN:  978-0451492153 400 pages   Amazon     REVIEW: The first line grabbed and surprised me. It compelled me to read more, “I’ve a thief to … Continue reading

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WHAT’S IN A NAME? by Kristen Heitzmann

One thing I love about storytelling is the malleability. Rewriting my historical series has become an exercise in this. My intention was to spruce it up, minimize things like punctuated dialect, and bring it sophistication that comes from growing in the writing craft and simply living. … Continue reading

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An Oyster’s Tale

When it comes to writing, I guess I’m an irritated oyster. I’ll be going along and realize there’s something inside that’s a little rough, a little edgy. It doesn’t sit right. It feels wrong. I take a look. Sure enough, … Continue reading

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Keeping Faith by Hannah Alexander

      It’s been a long time between novels  for me this last go-round, but I’ve found my writing chops again-or perhaps gums might be the better term. I love writing historical novels because it’s fun to imagine myself … Continue reading

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Living Books

Today is a good day because I’m expecting books. Lots and Lots of books!  I’m probably the only person who looks forward to school starting and that’s because of the books. Books. Books. Books. There’s almost nothing more exciting than … Continue reading

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