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Fortune Cookies

Have you ever experienced opening a fortune cookie and finding a message that seemed very appropriate to your situation? A while back, I was in a Chinese restaurant. My dinner companion ate three fortune cookies and found three messages: • … Continue reading

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Clarity in Confusion by Vicki Hinze

  A few years ago, I had a vision challenge that required a series of surgeries.  After one, my eyes were sown shut for three days.  I had pain meds, but took the first one and got hives.  So not … Continue reading

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  Honestly, I started to add an “or not” to the end of the title of this article.  What makes us do or not do anything? “It depends” is as close to the truth as I’ve managed to get.  Something … Continue reading

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Priorities and A Yielded Life

Hello Dear Christian Readers and Friends. It has been only one weekend since Thanksgiving Day and I am hoping you all had a great day celebrating the goodness of God with your family and friends. I sure did. Even on … Continue reading

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