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Gratitude by Kristen Heitzmann

There were these ten lepers who cried out to Jesus for mercy. It hurts to imagine people being eaten away by such a horrible disease. We can see them hollering for the kind of mercy a renowned healer could give. Jesus said, … Continue reading

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The Art of Thankfulness by Maureen Lang

When I listen to the news these days, it seems there are countless reasons to boycott any sense of Thankfulness this year. War, pestilence, poverty . . . we don’t have to look far to see a suffering world. On … Continue reading

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Limping Through the Holidays

Limping Through the Holidays:  Where’s My Magic? by Vicki Hinze Ah, it’s the holidays.  The season of more.  More work.  More chores.  More social events.  More shopping, cooking, decorating, and, well, more.  It’s also the season of “it’s harder to … Continue reading

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Reviews: Pride or Priviledge?

“…for they loved human praise more than praise from God.” John 12:43 Whether shopping, traveling, or looking for a good book, it’s impossible to miss the relatively new phenomenon of publicized personal opinion. From the beginning of time, people have … Continue reading

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The Spirit of Christmas Review by Yvonne Ortega

Go to your nearest bookstore or go online and buy the book, The Spirit of Christmas, as soon as you can. Curl up in your favorite chair with a cup of hot tea and read this wonderful Christmas collection. Cecil … Continue reading

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Choosing Gratitude: Your Journey to Joy by Yvonne Ortega

With Thanksgiving Day a week away in the USA, many of us may focus on what we will serve for dinner that day. Perhaps before we eat, we will thank God for his blessings to us. Nancy Leigh DeMoss says, … Continue reading

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