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Let's C.H.A.T. by Nancy J. Farrier

Have you ever heard a juicy piece of gossip? One that didn’t sound like gossip, but like the truth? Then you jumped to conclusions about this truth and the person(s) involved. You were ready to march up to the person(s) … Continue reading

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A New Kind of Word (by Hannah Alexander)

This is where the deer and antelope play…literally. It’s home on the range. It’s where seldom is heard a disparaging word (I believe the original word was disparaging, not discouraging, though I could be wrong) and the skies are not … Continue reading

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The Things I’ve HEARD!!! (by Hannah Alexander)

Having lived in small communities all my adult life, I know the power of hearsay. Rumors. In fact, one of my favorite games as a kid was playing “Telephone,” when we would begin with one statement, whisper it around a … Continue reading

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