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A New Release by Tara Randel

I’m excited to share that my newest book, THE WEDDING MARCH, is a March 1, 2107 release. I had so much fun focusing on the music industry in this story, the ups and downs and hard work it takes to … Continue reading

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Fifty Shades of Tempted by Julie Arduini

I was in a sterile, bland doctor’s office, enduring an uncomfortable procedure where the doctor kept me chatting. We talked medical stuff and the conversation turned a corner when I mentioned symptoms appeared the month I released two books. “You’re … Continue reading

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Books for Life by Julie Arduini

There’s so much about the writing process I never considered as a little girl pretending I was going to be the contemporary Laura Ingalls Wilder. Even when I took a college course about her life last year I realized back … Continue reading

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Goodreads or Shelfari? by Camy Tang

I recently had a neat Twitter conversation about Goodreads versus Shelfari. One of my Twitter followers has used Shelfari for years to catalog her books, but everyone I know uses Goodreads. She wasn’t sure if she’d want to go through … Continue reading

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How do you use Goodreads? by Camy Tang

I’m in a Facebook group and we recently got into a discussion about how we each use Goodreads. I discovered that everyone seems to use Goodreads differently, so I wanted to ask you guys how you use Goodreads (if you’re … Continue reading

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