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Commemorating the Fallen by Tara Randel

Today we honor those who gave their lives to defend our country. I’ve had many family members in the military, and thankfully none perished during their time serving this great country. It takes dedication, courage and a sense of the … Continue reading

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God’s Love Letter by Nancy J. Farrier

Ah, February, the month of love, when we are reminded to reach out to one another with love and kindness. I wrote a blog post this week about historical love letters. You can find that post here. Those letters got … Continue reading

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Dead Inside by Julie Arduini

That’s quite the cheery title, am I right? Thankfully it isn’t completely how I feel, although my patience for this most unpredictable of years is running thin. There’s been the quarantine, the election, I had to go back to my … Continue reading

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Happiness is … by Kathy Carmichael

I’ve found that the times I was happiest in my life were those times when I felt the most secure and confident. Continue reading

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Creative Procrastination by Yvonne Lehman

The Ladies’ Winter Bible Study, held in January and February on Tuesday mornings was nearing. “I don’t have time to go,” was my response to some friends. “I am so busy with writing and all that it entails. After all, … Continue reading

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TSTL Syndrome by Kristen Heitzmann

    We’ve all experienced it, that TSTL moment in a story when everything has been going along just right. The character’s traits have been demonstrated: strength, courage, intelligence, maybe a little pluck, arrogance, or sarcasm to keep it fun, … Continue reading

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Submit my heart to God by Camy Tang

I’ve been discipling a young woman at church who used to be in my youth group, so I’ve seen her grow up, to an extent. She’s very busy with graduate school right now, but there’s a young man she’s met … Continue reading

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Joyeux Noel

Last Christmas was the first my mother spent in heaven. There was a brutal kind of loss that overshadowed so much for me. Between then and now, we sorted through and sold her house. While an arduous and tearful a … Continue reading

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Loving Those Who Hurt Us by Sarah Goebel

I was just thinking about some experiences from my past. You know, as we journey through life it is inevitable that we will be hurt from time to time. When someone hurts us, whether they did so intentionally or not, … Continue reading

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God’s Grace is Greater than Our Failures

I don’t understand how it is that time passes by more rapidly each year, but I bet some of you reading this post will testify along with me that, indeed, it does! 2012 has come and gone. Already, we find … Continue reading

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What’s in a word?

I love pizza. I love Saturday morning breakfast. I love the full moon. I love swimming at twilight. I love my cat. I love my husband. I love hearing the still small Voice. One word and so many different meanings. … Continue reading

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How Books Change Us by Elizabeth Goddard

Someone once told me that when you read a book you should walk away changed in some way. As a reader, I should expect the book to change me, and as an author, I should write a story that will … Continue reading

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When You Know the God Who Knows You

 I have spent a wonderful day today with Father (God)! I just want to share with you, a few of my thoughts concerning Him and His relationship with His children. How wonderful He is! God’s knowledge never changes or grows. … Continue reading

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Let God Talk to You Review by Yvonne Ortega

Some people believe God doesn’t talk to people anymore. I’m grateful He still does. What a privilege to have the opportunity to hear God speak to us. Many of us go to God with our long list of requests. We … Continue reading

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When Christmas Stinks by Lynette Sowell

You can feel it in the air. Everyone’s talking about baking, Christmas parties, good foods, beloved traditions, gifts they’ve tucked away,and leaving town to see friends and family. The feeling can be almost contagious. Most of us have endured Christmases … Continue reading

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