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Animal Dominoes by James R. Coggins

The year 2021 AD has just begun. But what does the “AD” mean? Some people might remember that it means something like “Animal Dominoes.” It is actually a Latin term, “anno Domini,” which means “in the year of the Lord.” … Continue reading

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Drummers Drumming by James R. Coggins

When my daughters were teenagers and began to bring home young men, I would attempt to engage them in conversation. One day, the conversation gravitated toward music. “Are you a musician?” I asked one prospect. Yeah,” he replied. “I’m a … Continue reading

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Romance–Warts and All by Hannah Alexander

Remember your first date with a guy you really liked? If you were like me, you spent days trying to figure out how to shape your eyebrows properly, how to make your hair hang just right, how to match the … Continue reading

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