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Never Swap Horses in Midstream…unless it’s a Good Horse by Suzanne Woods Fisher

So many American folk sayings are attributed to Benjamin Franklin or Abraham Lincoln. “Never swap a horse in mid-stream” is credited to Honest Abe, though it’s actually from an old joke that made its rounds in the 1840s. Here’s how … Continue reading

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One Incident Changed Everything by Vicki Hinze

Can one incident change everything?  Your whole life? It can, and does for many. It did for Dr. Dana Perkins, a psychologist who taught Kindergarten because that’s where she felt she could do the most good for the kids.  Dana is … Continue reading

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Breaking Down Barriers by Vicki Hinze

  As a writer, for years, I was told essentially to “color within the lines.” Make no mistake that is solid advice for those seeking to build a career.  Readers read a book by you and they expect more of the … Continue reading

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Did History Class Bore You? By Lyn Cote

History class often left out the “stuff” I find fascinating. How did events affect the people living then? History is just the story of life. I always end every historical with a Historical Note that tells the reader what was … Continue reading

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Share Your Story? by Yvonne Lehman

Ever had a mishap in the kitchen? The stories in book #10 of the Moments series are hilarious (except at the time they happened!) The articles in these books are written by accomplished authors and writers who never wrote anything … Continue reading

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What Really Matters by Vicki Hinze

  Life throws a lot at people, and it starts immediately. As we grow and learn, it’s amazing how much we soak up like sponges and grasp. We learn what to do, what not to do. What to say and … Continue reading

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Step Seven on our Journey by Louise M. Gouge

Thank you for sticking with me on this journey. Today, I’m posting an opinion piece titled: Ahab’s Bride Versus Ahab’s Wife When a writer completes a novel and begins the arduous task of finding a publisher, or better still, finding … Continue reading

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The Las Vegas Massacre

Last night, 59 people died and over 515 were injured in a terrorist attack in Las Vegas. Hospitals are overwhelmed, first responders are overwhelmed and people there and distant observers are overwhelmed.   Bodies are still being removed, and some … Continue reading

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In the Mood for Something Different? by Lyn Cote

  Are you in the mood for a bit of Christmas? Or will you be? Lyn Cote here-I’m so happy to be joining the other amazing authors here at Christian Reads! And I’m excited about a new project. I am … Continue reading

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Dealing with Fear by Louise M. Gouge

  Louise M. Gouge Deals with Fear…   Not the nervous feelings I would get while waiting for a job interview or the shakiness I used to feel before singing a solo in church. Not even the raw fear of … Continue reading

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A Few of My Favorite Books by Nancy J. Farrier

One of my favorite activities is reading. I love books in almost any genre: romance, suspense, thriller, young adult, fantasy – and the list goes on. I keep track of what I’ve read every year. I decided to look back … Continue reading

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How Do I Come Up with My Stories by Margaret Daley

How Do I Come Up with My Stories By Margaret Daley One of the questions I’ve been asked by readers is how I come up with a new story. Honestly, there are times I really don’t know how. Something just … Continue reading

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Picture Your Story by Yvonne Lehman

Do you have a story to tell? Perhaps a book you’d like to write?   There’s a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.   However, with a thousand words you can write The Lord’s Prayer, The Preamble … Continue reading

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TSTL Syndrome by Kristen Heitzmann

    We’ve all experienced it, that TSTL moment in a story when everything has been going along just right. The character’s traits have been demonstrated: strength, courage, intelligence, maybe a little pluck, arrogance, or sarcasm to keep it fun, … Continue reading

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The Christmas Spirit by Vicki Hinze

The Christmas Spirit I’m hearing from many of you that you’re having trouble finding the Christmas Spirit this year. I understand your notes far better than I wish I did. Yet the Christmas Spirit lives; I know it. You do, … Continue reading

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