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Dinosaurs, Amazon Reviews, and This Thrill-Ride Called Life

by Jim Denney I just did something authors are NOT supposed to do: reading Amazon.com reviews of my book. Why shouldn’t writers read their reviews? Some say nothing good can come of it. The five-star reviews will swell your head … Continue reading

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The Gift of Wings

by Jim Denney In September 1962, my third-grade class filed into the school library in search of adventure. I found mine right away—a book displayed on the “new arrivals” shelf. It had a blue cover with three children silhouetted against … Continue reading

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Child-Like Faith by Julie Arduini

This has been a year where I’m pouring everything I can into our children. More than basic life lessons, I’m trying to show them prayer strategies to draw them closer to Christ and believe not just in God, but believe … Continue reading

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Delayed Fruit Tastes Sweeter by Julie Arduini

Happy New Year! I missed my last December post not remembering what day it was thanks to the holiday schedule. I was also basking in what had to be one of our best Christmas celebrations to date. After we had … Continue reading

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Sharing Our Stories by Lynette Sowell

We made a very important and momentous trip a little more than one week ago. No fanfare and media frenzy, unlike what happened outside a London hospital not long before. Just a simple trip, three ladies in a bright-red extended-cab … Continue reading

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