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Recent Releases

Hannah Alexander

  • Eye of the Storm
  • Silent Night, Deadly Night
  • The Wedding Kiss

Julie Arduini (includes Contributor works)

  • Who Hung the Moon Upsidedown?
  • Delivered:  More than a Drink Coaster
  • Patches of Life, Buzzard’s Roost
  • Run Like a Girl, Snowplow Burial
  • Women of Passions, My Writing Testimony and Poem
  • Tragedy of Triumph
  • The Healing Touch
  • Unexpected Answers
  • Love and Forgiveness

Elizabeth Goddard

  • Sheltering Love, February 2012
  • Hearts in the Mist, July 2012
  • Oregon Outback, July 2012
  • Treacherous Skies, December 2012

Sarah Goebel

  • Experience Real Satisfaction
  • Enjoying God Through Purposeful Living (with Stefanie Ertel)
  • Experience Godliness God’s Way
  • Experience Real Satisfaction
  • The Abundant Living Package

Kristen Heitzmann

  • The Breath of Dawn, Bethany House
  • Indelible, Random House
  • Rush of Wings, Bethany House
  • Indivisible, Random House

Vicki Hinze (CBA releases only)

  • Forget Me Not, book 1, Crossroads Crisis Center series, Waterbrook-Multnomah
  • Deadly Ties, book 2, Crossroads Crisis Center series, Waterbrook-Multnomah
  • Not This Time (book 3, Crossroads Crisis Center series), Waterbrook-Multnomah, February 2012
  • Survive the Night (book 1, Lost Inc. series), Love Inspired Suspense, October 2012
  • Christmas Countdown (book 2, Lost Inc. series), Love Inspired Suspense, December 2012
  • Torn Loyalties (book 3, Lost Inc. series), Love Inspired Suspense, February 2013

Maureen Lang

  • Bees in the Butterfly Garden, July 2012
  • Springtime of the Spirit, book 3, The Great War series, Tyndale House
  • Look to the East, book 1, The Great War series, Tyndale House
  • Whisper on the Wind book 2, The Great War series, Tyndale House

Yvonne Lehman

  • Aloha Love
  • Spirit & Heart: A Devotional Journal
  • North Carolina Weddings, Barbour
  • Kentucky Brides, Heartsong Presents

Kathi Macias

  • Last Chance for Justice
  • Special Delivery (book two, Freedom Series), New Hope Publishers, March 2012
  • The Deliverer, New Hope Publishers (book three, Freedom Series), August 2012
  • Unexpected Christmas Hero (second in annual stand-alone Christmas novels), New Hope Publishers, October 2012

Tara Randel

  • Orange Blossom Brides
  • Quilts of Love Series
  • The Love Assignment
  • Lasting Love
  • Melody of Love
  • This Time Love
  • Hidden Hearts
  • The Lady in the Attic (A Crafting Mystery Novel)

James L. Rubart

  • Memory’s Door
  • Soul’s Gate
  • Rooms
  • Book of Days
  • The Chair
  • Musings

Lynette Sowell

  • A Riverwalk Christmas, Barbour Publishing
  • Seaside Romance, Barbour Publishing
  • All That Glitters, Heartsong Presents
  • A Suspicion of Strawberries
  • The Wiles of Watermellon