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Introducing Guest Author Samantha Price

I’ve always loved to read for as far back as I can remember. When I reached my teens I loved to read any romance I could get my hands on.  Writing in the Amish romance genre was natural for me … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Wildfire

By Jim Denney A little less than a month ago, I was returning from a medical appointment, with a brief stop at Target. From the Target parking lot, I saw a thin plume of smoke in the distance. After I … Continue reading

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At Home with Lyn Cote

Why I Live in the Boonies Lyn Cote here-
Continue reading

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Still Dealing with Fear by Louise M. Gouge

We fiction writers enjoy making life difficult for our characters. Without some sort of struggle, some conflict, we would have no plot. E. M. Forster said, “‘The king died and then the queen died’ is a story. ‘The king died, … Continue reading

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If you’d asked me a few years back about camping, I would have told you it wasn’t for me. But that was before my husband and I bought our camper. Now, there’s just something about sitting outside in front of … Continue reading

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The Emotional Life of a Writer

by Jim Denney To me, writing is not so much a mental activity as an emotional activity. When I’m writing well, I’m not thinking about the words — I’m feeling the emotions, and those emotions pour out of me in … Continue reading

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A Weed or a Wildflower

A Weed or a Wildflower By Margaret Daley One of my granddaughters got me to think about how we look at things means everything. I know I should already realize that, but it was something she said to me that … Continue reading

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Peace that surpasses understanding

I recently had the privilege of visiting a fellow writer who was in the last stages of her life. I call it a privilege because she was such a graceful example of someone finishing well. Although her life was filled … Continue reading

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When I Write, I Feel His Smile by Elizabeth Goddard

Recently, I was getting ready for church, staring at my makeup mirror to paint my face, listening to worship music. One particular song opened up my soul and inspired my heart with great love and adoration for Him–worship in its … Continue reading

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Oh, Those Bridges

Along with my daughter, I made a trip to northern Iowa to visit family. I’ve traveled I-35 South many a time coming home from the Amana Colonies. On each of my many trips, I’ve seen the signs to stop and … Continue reading

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Bring your Bible…and your Faith

Today is Bring Your Bible to School Day. Sponsored by Focus on the Family, this movement began in 2014 with eight thousand students. Last year 356,000 students participated. At their website,, parents and students can learn how to join … Continue reading

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Burned Lawns by Julie Arduini

Of all the weather events happening across the country, I know higher than usual temps and a sudden stop to rain isn’t a big deal. However, across northeast Ohio, autumn weather has looked more like summer. In September, there were … Continue reading

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Being an author can be scary

How many people can say they kill people for a living and get away with it? Well, if you’re a suspense writer, you can. The ability to make up dangerous situations and then throw your main characters headfirst into the … Continue reading

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Commitment – Too Little or Too Much? By Marilyn Turk

Commitment – Definition: 1) Something that takes up time or energy, especially an obligation 2) loyalty, devotion or dedication to a cause, person or relationship 3) a promise, pledge or vow. I have this thing about commitment. I’ve always believed … Continue reading

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Our Schools Are Changing by Margaret Daley

In my The Men of Texas Rangers Series I have dealt with several issues facing our teenagers today from prescription drug abuse to bullying. I taught secondary level school for twenty-seven years and over those years I’ve seen a lot of changes occur. Continue reading

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