When Mother is Queen by James R. Coggins

Many women don’t need Mother’s Day. This is because they are treated like royalty all year long. When a woman is treated like a queen, it means that:

  • She is expected to be present at an endless round of athletic events, concerts, award ceremonies, and other occasions in which she has very little interest.
  • She is given an endless array of useless knickknacks and handmade gifts she is expected to cherish and display in a place of honor.
  • She is expected to do her duty, smile graciously, and receive no thanks, just having her position being considered reward enough.
  • She is expected to set a perfect example while enduring in silence the embarrassing indiscretions of her children.
  • She is constantly being criticized for her frumpy clothes and outdated ideas.
  • She is constantly being told that her position is an outdated anachronism.
  • She is constantly bombarded with requests when all she really wants to do is to be left alone in peace.

About jrcoggins

James R. Coggins grew up in the small town of Waterford, Ontario. He wrote his first novel in high school, but, fortunately for his later reputation as a writer, it was never published. He earned a B.A. (English and History) and M.A. (History) from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont., a Diploma in Christian Studies from Regent College in Vancouver, and a Ph.D (History) from the University of Waterloo in Ontario. He then served briefly as an editor with the Mennonite Brethren Herald for 19 years. During the first seven of those years, he lived in Winnipeg, a period he remembers as the longest winter of his life. Eventually, he turned to a life of crime writing. The hero of his murder mystery books, John Smyth, is named after the 17th-century English Separatist who was the subject of his doctoral dissertation and is modelled on his own life as an editor – except that, at five-foot-four, he is much taller than John Smyth. He and his wife Jackie live in Abbotsford, B.C., where he ekes out a living as an editor and writer. For more information, check out his website: www.coggins.ca
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2 Responses to When Mother is Queen by James R. Coggins

  1. Love this post, James. I like your dry sense of humor.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I never thought of it like that before!! 🙂


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