The Wedding Chapel

I recently finished reading The Wedding Chapel by Rachel Hauck. This was a captivating story, intertwining two different couples, as well as two different timeframes. One is a modern-day account of a couple – Jack and Taylor. They recently eloped, but now seem to be having second thoughts. They are having a hard time communicating with each other and everything is off in their new and tender marriage. Neither one of them is good at opening up and sharing their true feelings. Rather, they either walk on eggshells or argue when they are together. We can see how this is pulling them away from each other.

Also, throughout the book, we jump back in time approximately sixty years. Here we see a different couple – Jimmy “Coach” and Collette. Jimmy built a wedding chapel for Collette with his own hands. But due to various circumstances and big life decisions, the two are dragged apart. The wedding chapel has been standing vacant for decades when Jimmy finally decides to let it go. Meanwhile Taylor is asked to take photos of the chapel. That is when the two stories come together and drama unfolds.

This book had me thinking about daily choices we make. Sometimes we make good decisions that have lasting effects. And other times our poor decisions can also follow us for a long time. However, many times these are subconscious choices, yet they still leave an impact. We can’t change the past. But we can change the present and the future. Consider, what things can we do differently today? God gives us a fresh start each and every day. If we did something yesterday that we regret, instead of fretting over it, we can use that as a stepping stone to make better choices today. And when we are intentional about the choices we make, that can ultimately lead to lasting peace in our relationships and our walk with the Lord.


About Bridget A. Thomas

Learning to live freely in Christ Jesus. I pray that I can be transparent when sharing my journey with others.
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