Happy May!

texas wildflowersToday is the first day of May, a month in which there are two major holiday. Mother’s Day on May 13th and Memorial Day on May 28th. It’s also a month were many of the states begin to thaw out from the long winter’s chill.

But here in Texas, spring is in full bloom. The wildflowers are popping up in the pastures and along the roadways. The trees are green again. New life is springing up everywhere.

This is one of my favorite times of the year. The famous Texas humidity hasn’t made an appearance yet. The days are warm and the evenings cool. Perfect.


Past Sins

It’s the time for new beginnings and I have a brand new release out this month entitled Past Sins. This is the third book that takes place near the fictional town of Soaring Eagle, Wyoming.

In Past Sins, FBI Agent Samantha Morning Star barely survived a serial killer’s knife when the Night Slasher captured her, intent on making her his next victim. Samantha’s narrow escape still haunts her, sending her fleeing to the one place where she has always felt safe. The Durante Mountain Cheyenne Indian Reservation in Northern Wyoming. But Samantha’s past sins are all there waiting for her. The young boy she once loved and left behind is now all grown up and the chief of police for the reservation.

Chief Zack Standing Elk can’t believe it. The woman who tore his hearts to shreds is back. But Samantha isn’t the same person she once was when she left the reservation behind after her grandmother’s death, insisting that he not wait for her. Samantha is one troubled soul. It isn’t long before he realizes the reason behind the fear in her eyes, when the killer who took her hostage follows her to the Cheyenne reservation determined to claim her as his once more.

With the clock ticking on the Night Slasher’s latest victim, Zack’s past sins come back and haunt him as well. Can he find out the Slasher’s true identity before he takes another innocent life? And will he be able to stop the killer who is coming after Samantha full force?

So, wherever you are, I hope spring has made an appearance there. Happy Spring!

All the best…

Mary Alford




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