Keeping Easter In Our Hearts All Year Long…


As I write this, my family celebrated Easter yesterday and it was a wonderful day, filled with remembering what sacrifice was made for us so that we can have eternal life.

Normally, we have a party for the grandkids, but this year, some of my grandkids were not able to make it on Easter due to conflicts with their schedules, so my husband and I decided to postpone the children’s Easter party until next Sunday, so we get an extra day to celebrate.

We go all out on our party with a Walking with Jesus walk that takes us through the last week of Jesus’ life on earth, from the triumphant entry, to the crucifixion, to the empty tomb. That’s the highlight of the party. Then we do fishing with Paw Paw, real life Candy land, and many other games. But through  it all, we remind the girls why we celebrate Easter.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could keep that special Easter feeling all year long? Well, maybe we can. We just have to keep remembering the amazing sacrifice that was made for us that day when Jesus defeated death, the grave lost its power, and for those who put their trust in Jesus, heaven is certain.

So as the Easter decorations get put away for another year, let’s not put the gift that was given to us away as well. Let’s keep Easter there in our hearts all year long.

The latest from Mary

Layers Of The Truth – Available at Amazon

Layers of the Truth


When Cady Russell receives a heartbreaking call from Deputy Sheriff Aamon Lone Elk telling her that her sister has died in a fire that mimics the one that took her parents’ lives twenty years earlier, Cady knows she has to return to Wyoming to find out what really happened to Samantha.

Deputy Sheriff Aamon Lone Elk knows a little about grief himself. He lost his wife to a drunk driver five years earlier. Aamon still isn’t able to move beyond the pain. Yet meeting Cady Russell throws him. She is both beautiful and strong, and he is attracted to her right away.

Cady has been lost in the past as well, unable to move beyond the tragedy that claimed her parents. Now her sister is dead by the same means, and she is convinced the two fires are related.

As the attraction between then continues to grow, can Aamon keep Cady safe as they peel back the layers of lies connected to the two fires? Or will a killer bent on keeping his deadly acts secret send them both to their graves?

All the best…

Mary Alford


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