Do You Like Where You Live and Why?

March Morning 2015

Lyn Cote here-I know that’s not a question people ask you directly but many times they ask it indirectly with comments, intimating that they wouldn’t want to live where you do! ‘-) I live in the far northwoods of Wisconsin. Lake Superior is just an hour an a half drive north of my house. (Photograph above–a March morning in my backyard.)

And people, especially those who live in warmer latitudes, are always shocked that I like living here. Southerners (and South-Westerners) appear to have a snow and cold phobia. But I think that’s probably natural because snow isn’t fun unless you’ve grown up with it (To a kid, snow makes the whole world a beach:-). And the kind of snow Southern-livers see seems to be more than a nuisance than real snow.

However, the real challenge of living where I do is spring–or the lack thereof. This far north spring is merely the war between winter and summer. Summer wins for a while and brings melting and warm breezes. Then winter barrels back in with Canadian winds and wet snow or ice. This starts sometime in April and continues till around Memorial Day when winter FINALLY gives in–usually. So I don’t mind winter, but our UN-SPRING can get on my nerves!

Winter Homecoming

As is true of every place, my area has a rich history. My book, Winter Homecoming, is set in the northwoods, a historical set in the Depression.

Here’s the blurb:

Catching a freight train out of Chicago is no way to spend Christmas Day. But the Depression has cost Will Gustafson everything—his classy wife, executive job and high society life. Now he’s heading home to the northwoods of Wisconsin to face the “I told you so’s” he deserves. On the freight train a homeless little boy attaches himself to Will like a lost puppy. Who is the boy and why is he alone?

On the day after Christmas in her Model T, Cass Newton picks up Will and the boy and takes them home with her. Is she crazy? But a new widow, she needs a handyman to help her weather the winter in her isolated cabin. She’s concealed her “delicate” condition from everyone but can’t deceive Will. A baby is coming and Will wonders how he’ll handle this—when his lady boss refuses to see a doctor. Why not for heaven’s sake?

He fights his growing attraction to this good but stubborn woman—so unlike the wife who divorced him. The three of them become an unlikely “family.” Yet what will happen when the snow melts and all their secrets are revealed?

I’m going to set the price for the ebook FREE Saturday March 17-21. (It is one of two of my ebooks on Kindle Unlimited too.) Here’s the link So where do you live and do you like living there? I’d like to know.–Lyn Cote

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