Put a little humor into it…


I love to laugh. Most of us do. With so many serious things happening in the world around us, I think it’s important to find ways to put laughter into each day of our lives.

So what makes you laugh? Is it a joke? A funny story? A humorous TV show? A book?

All those things, but also, for me, I love seeing cute babies and animals doing funny things. So I thought I’d share a few of my favorites here to give you a good laugh for the day.

This little boy is so cute.

Who doesn’t like a couple of cute kittens.

Ever wonder what your pets do when you’re not home?

And my all time favorite. I’m going to try this some day.

So here’s hoping your day if filled with laughter…

Mary Alford

Heart of Texas by [Alford, Mary]

Heart of Texas – Available at Amazon

Laney Winters gets the biggest shock of her life when she learns she’s pregnant…on the same day she finds her husband in bed with his secretary. With her blissful life exposed as fraud, and her husband wanting nothing to do with raising a child, Laney faces divorce and her greatest fear–moving back home to live with her two eccentric old-maid aunts.Hiding the demise of her marriage and helping to manage the family diner should be uneventful, but a new man in town has the gossips speculating. Laney’s two aunts create an exciting mystery around the stranger, and Laney is sucked into an entertaining game of “Save Jake Montgomery from Aunt Thelma.” When her aunts’ latest victim turns out to be the town’s new family doctor, Laney must entrust him with her secrets, and along the way, discover that when your life flips upside down it’s God’s way of giving you a different perspective…and a fresh start.










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