The Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt is on!

by Elizabeth Goddard

Good morning my Christians Read friends!

I’m late in posting to you this first Saturday of the month (my days to post). The sun has finally shown its face, pushing away the gray clouds of a Michigan winter.

I never thought I’d be excited for spring because it ushers in summer, and as a 7th generation Texan, I simply can’t abide summer. Ha! But in Michigan, well, I welcome spring because it ushers in summer. It’s all about perspective.

For my post today I thought you would be most interested to hear about the spring Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt!

It ends tomorrow night—Sunday, March 4th—at midnight (MST) so you have plenty of time to hunt and learn about new authors, all while gathering clues that could potentially leave you with prizes.



To begin the hunt, start HERE AT STOP #1!

Happy Hunting!!!

Elizabeth Goddard

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