Valentine’s Day -Thumbs Up or Down?

Valentine’s Day -Thumbs Up or Down? by Lyn Cote

Last Thursday I took part in a Valentine’s Day Party on Facebook. One of the authors asked the readers–How did you meet your husband or true love? It seemed an appropriate question for that event. Two readers, however, responded that they were single and were happy to be. And I thought-YES! I know that it’s harder being single on a day when the world (our world) celebrates couples but being single can be a positive choice. I’d rather to happily single than unhappily married, know what I mean? I’m sure you do.

I met my husband at church when we were in our mid-twenties and have been together for over forty years. I feel blessed because he has proven to be a good friend and a good father to our kids and he’s got a romantic soul–twice a year. On Valentine’s Day and our anniversary. I mean he was an electrical engineer–all right? Romance is a stretch for him! 🙂 So I hope whether single or “coupled” that you enjoy Valentine’s Day.

Fun Fact: Necco Sweethearts — a.k.a. conversation hearts — were invented in 1866. Each box has approximately 45 sayings — including “True Love,” “Hug Me,” and “You Rock” — but you can personalize your own, too. And about 10 new sayings are added each year. So how about that???–Lyn Cote

Welcome to Steadfast, a town whose people and mysteries

you may never forget~


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3 Responses to Valentine’s Day -Thumbs Up or Down?

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for the free book!!


  2. Janet Estridge says:

    My hubby bought for me a humidifier on Valentine’s Day. Having gone to the doctor with asthmatic bronchitis, this is what the “doctor ordered”. How romantic is that ?


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