My Own Occam’s Razor by Hannah Alexander

In the 13th century, a friar by the name of William Ockham proposed that the simplest answer to a problem was most likely the best. This was something Mel and I discovered the hard way this morning.

Something happened to me that had never happened since I purchased this MacBook Air. I began to lose my screen. It kept going dark, then brightening, then darkening again. Some people might deduce that, due to the title of this page, I immediately guessed the most likely answer to my problem and fixed it. Those people would be wrong–and if you know me, you would not have considered that in the first place because I do everything the hard way and everyone who knows me knows that about me.

So I told Mel about the problem. He also has the tendency to expect the worst. We started looking for Apple shops nearby. We live in the middle of the Nebraska Panhandle, where the closest Walmart is 40 miles away, so the closest Apple store is Denver. That’s three hours away in good traffic–far longer in bad. Also, we had trouble finding places with decent ratings.

So Mel got into the disk utilities and tried to do a disk repair. But it said everything was fine. After spending an hour or so seeking repair services, Mel finally pushed a key on the keyboard. It was the “brighten” key. And lo and behold, the darkness parted and the light showed us a screen!


So my wonderful, brilliant husband did fix my computer for me–I don’t care if it was a simple fix because I certainly hadn’t found it. I will next time, but the first time even the simplest of problems arise, I always expect the worst. Many of us do, don’t we? Mind you, I still do not remember pressing those keys. I never have before. Why start now? I did leave the laptop open last night, so one of the cats could have walked over the keys. It’s still a mystery, but the issue has been fixed and for now I’m back in business.

May all your issues be simple ones that can be easily fixed in a timely manner.



About alexanderhodde

I love to write, I love to read (in that order) and I love to hike. My husband loves to fly remote control model airplanes, when he can get them into the air.
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