New Release – Nowhere to Run by Mary Alford

Sometimes, when we find ourselves in a situation that seem out of control and hopeless, the best place to turn it to God. He is there with us no matter what we face in life.

Today, I’d like to share a little about my latest release, Nowhere to Run, available now at Amazon.

I hope you enjoy it.


Nowhere to Runcover

When you don’t know which way to turn, the most dangerous place to fall is in love…

Surrounded by death and lies, the last thing Dr. Jordan Scott needs is to fall in love.

Jordan thought she knew her boyfriend better than anyone…until a Detective Riley Donovan confronts her with the truth about her brother’s death. His murder was no random act of violence. And Caesar is the prime suspect, which puts her directly in the path of danger.

Here’s an excerpt:

Chapter One

The steady vibration of Doctor Jordan Scott’s cell phone interrupted the last of her nightly rounds. The text message read 9-1-1. Urgent.

She recognized the extension at first glance. It was the ER.

Under her breath she uttered a desperate prayer. Please, don’t let it be another critical child.

It was after midnight, and already she’d treated two injured children under the age of twelve. One didn’t make it.

Jordan didn’t bother returning the page. When someone on the ER staff contacted her, no spare time remained for details. She took the steps two at a time. This wasn’t her first trip down these stairs tonight. And if life were running true to form for a Saturday night, it wouldn’t be her last.

“Someone paged me?” she asked the first-year resident on duty. He couldn’t make eye contact. This was the same kid who’d been flirting with her a few hours earlier. Now, his gaze bounced to the floor, then back to Jordan’s general direction before locking on something just beyond her left shoulder.

“Jordan.” Her attention jerked behind her to where Doctor Elliot Colton, the ER’s attending was standing.

“Elliot, someone paged me?” The sympathy pooling in Elliot’s dark brown eyes made it clear something dreadful had happened.

“I need you to come with me—”

“What’s wrong?” she interrupted because the look in Elliot’s eyes scared her. Elliott had been both her friend and mentor since she’d started at Manhattan General. She trusted him with her life.

“Please, Jordan…” Elliot took her arm and slowly forced her toward his office.

Out of earshot from the rest of the staff.

The mere act, coupled with the seriousness in Elliot’s manner, was all too familiar and frightening.

Jordan barely waited until he’d closed the door. “What’s happened?” For the first time, his gaze slipped from hers, and fear pooled in her stomach. “Elliot, what is it?”

“It’s Jeremy. There’s been…an accident.”

She read the truth in Elliot’s eyes even before she could form the words to ask. “Is he?”

His gaze panned across her face. She’d seen that look a thousand times before. He was trying to determine how much of the details to reveal.

“I’ll explain everything, but right now I think you need to prepare yourself for the worst.”

Once the reality of what he wasn’t telling her finally settled in, Jordan turned on her heel and headed for the door.

Elliot hesitated only a second before following. “Jordan, wait.”

“Where is he?” But she didn’t need to ask. She knew. They’d have taken Jeremy to the Intensive Care Unit.

Jordan jabbed the elevator button until the doors slid open.

“Tell me what happened to my brother.” Her voice shook with emotion.

“I don’t know all the details yet.” He stopped and peered away.

“You said this was an accident?” Why was Jeremy driving anyway? Everywhere he needed to go was in walking distance of their brownstone.

“He’s been shot.”

Before she could even let herself consider the meaning of those words, the doors opened to the fifth floor ICU.

“It’s this way,” Elliott said quietly, taking the lead. She’d heard him use that same soothing tone a thousand times in the past, but never felt its impact before today. Now, each word, though patronizing, carried the weight of a blow.

He led her down the long ICU corridor lined with doors. The ones at the end were reserved for the most serious patients.

Those without hope.

Elliot pushed the door open. It took all her strength to follow him inside. She almost didn’t recognize her brother. Most of the top of his head had been bandaged to cover the bullet wound. A fresh patch of blood seeped through the thick dressing.

Jeremy’s eyes were closed; he was barely hanging onto life. A multitude of lines connected him to life support.

“Oh, no.” Jordan drew in a ragged breath, then crossed the room to reach for Jeremy’s hand. It felt cold to her touch. The boy lying in that hospital bed now was nothing more than a shell of the energetic kid she’d all but raised alone.

The world and its concerns disappeared. She was no longer aware of Elliott standing close, or her worries for a future with her boyfriend, Caesar. The only thing that mattered was Jeremy. She’d do anything to take his place.

Still clutching his hand tight, Jordan fell to her knees and began to pray.

All the best…

Mary Alford




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2 Responses to New Release – Nowhere to Run by Mary Alford

  1. I love it. I like books that are fast paced at the beginning. I will definitely look into it.


  2. Vicki Hinze says:

    Compelling opening, Mary. Look forward to reading it all!


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