Let it Snow, TBR and New Release by Elizabeth Goddard

Happy Saturday!


I had planned to go to town—thirty minutes away–and buy groceries today. A normal Saturday routine for most. Also, I’m in desperate need of a pedicure so thought I’d slip one of those in too. But wouldn’t you know it? A snowstorm is hitting in the morning. Again. Growing up in the part of Texas where it doesn’t snow (maybe once a year if that and it melts by noon) I have always loved the white stuff. Now living in Michigan for the last year and a half, it hasn’t taken me long to get tired of the snow and the subzero temperatures.  I never really knew what “brrrrr” meant until spending a few winters in the Great Lakes region.

But the good news is that I can curl up with a great book and . . .

Let it snow.

I’m currently reading Lynette Eason’s Oath of Honor—GREAT romantic suspense story. Just finished up Susan May Warren’s Troubled Waters. She’s an adventure writer after my own heart. Soon I’ll be starting Susan Sleeman’s Kill Shot. She’s an amazing romantic suspense/thriller writer. So many great books and too little time.

Oh, wait, it’s a snow day. That means I can take off from work, doesn’t it? Add to that, it’s a SATURDAY. Sure, I can read all day.

Now that’s what’s in my TBR (To Be Read) pile. What’s in yours?

Might I make a suggestion—MY NEW RELEASE!

I’m kicking off a brand new series—COLDWATER BAY INTRIGUE—set along the stunning Washington state coastline. You wouldn’t expect anything less than an amazing backdrop for one of my stories would you?

Thread of Revenge is the first book in the series, and so far reviewers are loving it.

“Wow, what a great page turner!” –Kara

“I loved this book!!”—Katrina

“Thread of Revenge is the first explosive book in the Coldwater Bay Intrigue series.”—Brit98


I hope you’ll get your hands on a copy today!

New Romantic Suspense


Marine biologist Sadie Strand is back in her coastal hometown to prove her best friend was murdered—but searching for evidence almost costs Sadie her life. Abducted, drugged and left for dead on a sinking boat, she’s barely rescued in time by Coast Guard Investigative Service special agent Gage Sessions, an old friend. Assigned to protect Sadie and connect three complicated cases, Gage risks his life time and again to make sure the woman he once loved survives. But although the handsome, guarded agent vows to protect her, someone will keep killing to ensure the truth never rises to the surface.


For purchase options CLICK HERE.


(Digital version available today. Print version available February 6th)



Elizabeth Goddard



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1 Response to Let it Snow, TBR and New Release by Elizabeth Goddard

  1. tinamhunt says:

    I’m interested and shared the amazon info with my daughter who went to school to be a marine biologist…Liked your TBR list to.


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