Why I Wrote Part of the Overcomers by Margaret Daley

Why I Wrote Part of the Overcomers

By Margaret Daley

When some writers I knew started talking about some of their problems they had as they grew up, an idea took root. We decided to write about our experiences dealing with our learning disabilities. In spite of our learning problems, we each went on to become a published writer.

The Overcomers

The learning disability that I have is auditory processing. There is nothing wrong with my hearing, but once I do hear something I don’t process the sounds the same way as others. I can’t learn a foreign language or sing on tune. If someone talks too fast, I can’t follow what he is saying. I have to really concentrate when someone is making a speech or I lose track of what is being said.

When I worked with students with learning disabilities, I wouldn’t let them tell me it was too hard for them. I told them if I could struggle to learn to read (trouble hearing the phonetic sounds of words) and still master the ability to read, they could, too. If I could go to college, then they could dream and go for that dream whether that was going to college or trade school.

I will always have a learning disability. I won’t outgrow it. But I learned to work around it and compensate for my auditory processing problem. I’m a visual learner and learn best by seeing rather than hearing. I use that to my advantage.

We all have strengths and weaknesses. We need to learn to use our strengths to overcome our weaknesses. As you were growing up, what did you have a problem with?

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