How I Was Adopted by Three Cats by Margaret Daley

How I Was Adopted by Three Cats

by Margaret Daley

All my life I had dogs as pets. Although I liked cats, I never thought I would have a cat–let alone 3 but that is what I have now. Our dog died of old age and left my husband and me without a pet. I wasn’t eager to go out and get another pet right away. That didn’t make any difference. The first cat–Ringo– was around nine months old when he came around our house. I couldn’t resist him. He was funny, pure white with one blue eye and one green eye (called odd eyes). He has never met a stranger. He is my greeter.

Okay we ended up with our first cat because I couldn’t see letting him roam around and fend for himself. That was going to be it. Then my son asked me to take a stray cat he’d found because he had a pit bull dog and couldn’t risk the kitten with the dog. We ended up with a second cat–Peppers or as I call her Peppy. She looks like salt and pepper–more pepper. She is the smallest of my cats–only weighing 6 or 7 pounds whereas Ringo weighs up to 18 pounds. She is my cat. If she had her way, she would sit on my lap all day and watch me try to write–very distracting. But I have to admit Peppy is a bit neurotic.

Now our third cat I had absolutely said we could not take in because we already had two cats that were picky about other animals. I didn’t see how it would work. But my husband made the mistake of making eye contact with a dirty, messy two month kitten who was whining at the back door of his business. He couldn’t turn her away. Charlie has become the one who makes us laugh the most. She gets into everything and knows where everything belongs in the house. This cat growls like a dog when someone comes to the front door and will hide from anyone who comes to visit.

So here I am with three cats who adopted a lady who was never going to have cats. Have you been adopted by an animal?

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3 Responses to How I Was Adopted by Three Cats by Margaret Daley

  1. Yes. We have four cats. Our latest was a tiny kitten whose eyes weren’t quite open when my daughter and granddaughter found him at the barn where they board their horses. Three months later, the little rascal rules the house, pestering the older cats and making them get some exercise. LOL!


  2. Linda Simons says:

    We also lost our last dog of the trio and just before she passed you guessed it I went to Petco adoption fair and got our first of what will be four cats. My husband decided the first cat needed a friend, so at almost a year we adopted the smallest of the bunch from a Humane Society foster. My husband was walking our senior dog and saw a cat box with a sign saying I can’t take care of her anymore. he then hid her in the garage overnight until he could tell me the next day that yep we now have three cats. Of course, I instantly fell in love with her! one stormy cold and wet night we saw this poor cat running around and we took him in. He went into the garage as my husband noticed the poor boy was infested with fleas. Combing through putting medicine on him and taking him to the vet we finally located the owners. They did not want him-yep he moved in but he only wants to be outside. Since that didn’t work for us as we worried about him he spends part of the day inside and at night he is locked in the garage. My husband built in the garage a cat condo and a second home in a tunnel with blankets. He has a heater in the winter and a fan in the summer. Yep and they all live after many years safe and sound.


  3. Love the stories, Louise and Linda.


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