It’s all over…



We spend weeks, if not longer, preparing for this special holiday and then it all comes down to one day. It goes by too fast. Yet hopefully, the spirit of Christmas will live in our hearts the whole year long.

By now, the presents have all been unwrapped. The meal has been served. Family is gone. Christmas is over. But Christmas isn’t the ending, it’s just the beginning. That little Baby in the manager didn’t stay a Baby. He grew up. Preformed so many miracles. Changed many lives, and then died on a cross. Then three days later, He rose from that grave to insure that those who put their trust in Him will see Him again in heaven. What an amazing gift.

So, as the New Year begins and the decorations are all put away, don’t forget, while Christmas may be over, it really is just the beginning.


All the best…


Mary Alford


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