Thanksgiving and coming home



With Thanksgiving drawing close, it is a time for gathering together and homecomings. A special time of the year when we put aside our busy lives and be with the ones we love, to give thanks for all that God has done for us, share a meal around the table, and catch up on each other’s lives.

Yet with each passing year, some of those who were once gathered at our table are no longer there to share this special time with us. They are missed.

thanksgiving 2


It’s sad to think about the ones who have gone on before us, but as Christians we know that we will see them all again one day.

As this holiday season rapidly approaches, Thanksgiving marks the start of the Christmas Season. Stores open early on Thanksgiving to give shoppers a head start on Black Friday. It’s easy to let the importance of Thanksgiving become lost in the Christmas rush.



So this year, as you sat down at the table to share a meal with your loved ones, look around the table. Give thanks for each person seated there, and remember those who have gone one before you.

The Christmas shopping will wait another day. Enjoy these moments with family because we don’t know how many more we will have together.


All the best…

Mary Alford

Love’s Sweet Homecoming – Coming November 15th.


Donovan Henderson is finally coming home to Sweet Grove, Texas. Yet it is not to the sweet homecoming he’d once envisioned because he is not the same man he was before he left for the war in Afghanistan. After surviving an IED attack that ended his career with the marines, Donovan feels like half a man. Can this wounded warrior find his place in Sweet Grove once more? And will Donovan accept the love that has been standing right before him all along.

Ava Richards lost her husband to the same war that took Donovan’s leg. Even after two years, Ava is still crippled by the loss. Unable to move forward with her life, she is stuck in the past. Yet the more time she spends with her husband’s best friend, Donovan Henderson, the more Ava longs for a second chance at life…and love.

Can Ava convince Donovan that he doesn’t have to leave Sweet Grove to rebuild his life. And is it possible for two wounded souls to help each other learn what true love really means again?


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