Stretching Myself by Marilyn Turk

Gumby stretching

Once upon a time, I was a little girl with a great imagination. I conjured up all kinds of fascinating scenarios for how my life would turn out. Some days I just knew Elvis would wait for me to grow up so he could marry me. But there were other days when another actor replaced him in my future, depending on the movie I was watching.

As I grew into my teen years, my future had grander proportions. I would be famous, somehow, in whatever endeavor I attempted. I thought anything was possible. In fact, my father told me so. He told me I could do anything I made up my mind to do. And I believed him.

But as we know, our lives envisioned as children seldom turn out the way we thought they would. As we get older, we realize our dreams might not have been realistic.

When I began my writing journey as an empty-nester after I retired from a Fortune 500 career, I thought I knew the way my writing would evolve. My plan was to write devotions and maybe an article here and there. But going to writers’ conferences opened my eyes to more possibilities than I had ever entertained before. As opportunities arose, I decided take them, because, after all, Daddy told me I could do anything I wanted to do.

And so I wrote devotionals, then articles, then short stories, then novels. I started a blog that soon had thousands of followers. My church heard I was a writer and asked me to write a Christmas play, something I’d never considered. But before I could stop it, the play developed in my mind, so I wrote and produced the play. The next year, I wrote and produced another one.

I was asked to write a novella for a collection, so I did. Then I felt God nudging me to host a Christian Writers Conference for my area, so I obeyed.

Stretching by waterMost of these steps were not pre-planned, but I believe God has given me opportunities to go beyond my own expectations and my own understanding about my writing journey. Every time I try something new, I stretch myself in a different way than I did before.

It’s a surprising journey when you let God take you where He wants you to go, use you in ways you never imagined, stretch you beyond what you thought was possible.

And so, when He presents a new opportunity, I’ll go for it. Because My Father said I could do it.

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2 Responses to Stretching Myself by Marilyn Turk

  1. believe4147 says:

    Very encouraging words for aspiring writers. I too am learning God will take me where He wants me to go.


  2. pathwaysoftheheart says:

    I’m glad you appreciated my blog post and found it encouraging. One thing I learned about following God is that I have to take one step at a time to make sure I’m on the right path. And what a worthy pursuit it is, to learn that God has a plan for our lives and show our trust by following His leading.


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