Life’s Unexpected Detours

Last weekend my daughter, granddaughter, and I had to make a trip out of town—not for anything fun, but to complete some business. On the return, I was eager to get home. I’m on deadline with my current book, and wanted to get back to work. We were about halfway home when my daughter asked if I’d like to stop at a Moon Marble Company, a small factory and shop where they make and sell marbles in Bonner Springs, Kansas. She’d mentioned it to me on a couple of occasions thinking it would be a fun place for all three of us to visit.

I’m going to be honest—I really didn’t want to make the stop. However, I went with the majority vote and agreed. It was one of those unexpected detours that turned out to be much more interesting and fun than I anticipated. I love anything that has the slightest connection to history, so when they announced they’d be making a marble just like they did it in the “olden days,” I was hooked.

Granted, they didn’t use bellows and forge, but even with the propane tank and electric kiln, it was fun to see the process. Believe me, I didn’t realize that creating handmade marbles was so time consuming and required such skill. Nowadays, most are machine made, but there are still craftsmen creating some lovely marbles. This is one of the larger marbles that was created by an artisan at Moon Marble Company.

Later, as I considered our little detour and how much I’d enjoyed it, I was reminded of some of the many detours I’ve encountered in my life. Not all of them have been ones that turned out as pleasant as my trip to the marble factory. However, each of them taught me a life lesson and drew me closer to the Lord. I’ve discovered that when I’m going through those tough detours, choosing to draw near and depend upon the Lord has deepened my relationship with Him and ‘grown’ me in my faith.  I won’t go so far as to say that I’ve always enjoyed the process, but if we walk through those detours with the Lord at our side, we can be formed and shaped into the creation He intended.

May you find joy as you walk with Him.


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