Please Welcome Guest Author Irene Hannon…

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Greetings, everyone. And thank you, Mary, for inviting me to be a guest today.

I have to begin this post with a confession.

I didn’t set out to be a writer of Christian fiction. Not because I didn’t want to be part of the genre, but because the genre didn’t exist when I began writing novels. (I’ve been at this a long time!) I simply wanted to write hope-filled stories featuring heroes and heroines with solid values and a strong, traditional moral code—what the mainstream market calls clean books.

Ultimately, after multiple rejections, my books found a home in the genre of Christian fiction, which was in its infancy. And I couldn’t be happier about where I landed. I’m honored to be part of a genre that’s filled with thought-provoking, uplifting and entertaining novels.

Although I began my career writing contemporary romance, today I write in two genres—romantic suspense and contemporary romance/women’s fiction.

So what will you find in my stories? Characters who are dealing with formidable challenges. Diverse settings, from a sun-kissed beach in a seaside Oregon town called Hope Harbor to a deserted railroad bridge high above a raging river. Touches of humor—because how would we survive without the ability to laugh and smile despite the adversities we face? And most of all, hope-filled endings. We live in a difficult age, but people of honor, principle, character and integrity do exist. You’ll meet them in my books. And I hope they’ll convince you that happy endings are possible.

 In terms of style, I compare my romantic suspense novels to Nora Roberts’ books in that genre—but without the profanity and explicit sex. Those who liked Dee Henderson’s O’Malley series should also enjoy my suspense books. In terms of contemporary romance/women’s fiction, fans of Debbie Macomber, Robyn Carr, Susan Wiggs and Becky Wade would find my books appealing.

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My April contemporary romance, Sandpiper Cove, takes place in the charming Oregon seaside town of Hope Harbor and features a police chief and an ex-con who join forces to keep a young man from falling into a life of crime. Sparks fly, but given their backgrounds, it’s not a promising match. However…in Hope Harbor, anything is possible!


My next suspense novel, Dangerous Illusions, will be out in October. It’s about a police detective investigating a tragic death and a grieving woman with apparent memory lapses who face a deadly foe determined to protect an evil secret at any cost.

I hope you’ll give one—or both—a try!

Irene Hannon



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8 Responses to Please Welcome Guest Author Irene Hannon…

  1. maryjalford says:

    Welcome, Irene. We’re so happy to have you join us today.


  2. Robin says:

    Thank you for the interview with such interesting information, Irene Hannon. I have enjoyed a few of your wonderful books in both genres.


  3. maryjalford says:

    Irene, what is the biggest change to the industry that you’ve seen since you’ve been writing?


  4. maryjalford says:

    I agree. Not too awfully long ago, self publishing had a stigma attached. Now, so many big name authors are doing it. It’s nice to have that option.


  5. maryjalford says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by today, Irene. It’s been great having you here.


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