True Fiction by Hannah Alexander

I once was told by an editor that when a true story is written into a novel, it was called factionalization. My dictionary tells me that’s not a real word, but it fits for me. I recently read a rich and detailed novel based on fact about a couple, a doctor and a nurse, who fell in love and got married just before they were shipped out to different locations during WWII.

As an aside: This handsome man in the picture was getting his master’s degree in Homeland Security when I snapped it. He knows what it’s like to be separated from his loved ones in service for his country. He’s been a hero to me since he was ten. Those who risk their lives and give up the comforts of home for the benefit of our country are all heroes in my opinion.

The title of the fictionalized story I recently read is With Love, Wherever You Are, by Dandi Daley Mackall, the daughter of the couple in her story. One thing that kept me hopeful as I read the book was knowing that Dandi was their child, and I could look forward to a happy ending.

I knew for a long time that she wanted to write this story, which was based on the 600+ letters written between her parents throughout the war, so I was delighted when she finally announced that she was sending me an unedited copy to read for endorsement. Unfortunately–and this will not surprise you if you have read many of my blogs–I cannot manipulate the computer into giving me a picture of the actual book. I even tried to upload a picture of her. Couldn’t do it. My computer just barely tolerates me. I can only tell you that she has a great website, and you can find some of her 500 plus books on Amazon at her Author’s Page, as well as her personal website. Have I warned you I’m not a techie? The shortened Amazon address is:  2nBE12I

With Love, Wherever You Are gave me such a great insight into what Dandi’s parents endured, how close and how often they came to death, how hard it was to have a marriage when they seldom saw each other and rumors flew between them faster than letters. Though I find it hard to read about the atrocities of war, Dandi personalized this novel to the point that, knowing the story was based on her parents’ letters, I was totally engrossed in their stories as they struggled to keep their love alive.

Since many of my uncles served in that war, the book had extra special meaning to me. I had an uncle who survived Iwo Jima. My father worked on the Spruce Goose, and my mother was a machinist for Hughes Aircraft in their efforts to support family who was fighting. Because of that I can understand how Dandi prized the letters between her parents. Remember the title, With Love, Wherever You Are, because someday you might find it in a movie theater.



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