A Spiritual New Year by Vicki Hinze

Vicki Hinze, Spiritual New Year 

A Spiritual New Year


Vicki Hinze


A new year is upon us. Twenty sixteen is a memory and much of 2017 remains a mystery. Odds are that we’ve looked back at the previous year and decided what worked well for us and what didn’t, and we’ve made adjustments, hoping we’ll have a better year this year.

We all look at a new year with different eyes. Some see expectation; some, anticipation. Others don’t see or want to see any opportunity because to see it is to recognize that if changes are going to occur, then we have to make them happen. We’re tired. Weary. We’ve just gotten through a busy if blessed season and we really want to coast a little.

Oh, we’ll look at what we must because that’s what responsible adults do. We’ll review our progress on our career, decide what we need to do to accelerate it, if that’s our goal. We’ll look at our home life and assess it. See what changes need to be made for things to work more smoothly. Or at least, less frenetically. And that’s all important. Truly. But it is not the most important thing we can do for ourselves and/or our families.

So what is most important?

Bluntly put, we need to assess our spiritual lives. Are our priorities straight? Are we focusing our attention on that which impacts us eternally? Do we make time for our prayer life, time for worship, and time to teach our children by example how to walk in faith in daily life?

Of all we do, where do those things rank on our priority lists? Have we paused lately and taken stock? If we have let spiritual things slide, have we noted the difference in our quality of life between times when we’re on our path and times when we’ve strayed from it?

Twenty Seventeen is here. And with it has come an opportunity we’re blessed to have. An opportunity to look back for the life-enrichment lessons we can take with us into our futures. Ones that offer wisdom and insight when looking ahead, so that we walk into those futures in faith with deliberate steps and divine guidance, assured that we have what we need to recognize our path and reveal our purpose.

That is the difference in living “just another year” and welcoming a spiritual new year.


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1 Response to A Spiritual New Year by Vicki Hinze

  1. Bonnie Toews says:

    As always, Vicki — so thought-provoking and meaningful. Thank you for helping to keep our eye on our spiritual life as the means to find “our path and reveal our purpose.”


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