By Sharon Blackstock Dobbs

It was you.

You who didn’t feed the cat,

Or lock up all the doors

You who left the garbage the dog scattered on the floor.

You who left the milk to sour in the kitchen sink.

It was you.


You shrug your shoulders, raise your brows and say, “It wasn’t me.”

I know that look of innocence when you are in denial.

Finding all your hiding spots is a monumental trial.

Why can’t you leave well enough alone and let it be?


Now, where have you put my glasses? My keys, where are they?

I search high and bending low I fall down on my knees,

My glasses slip onto my nose to the jingling of the keys.

Oh, well…

Maybe it was me.


Like that first entry in the Stupid Moments book, sometimes we have to admit we may have acted… well, less intelligently than we would have liked.

But… the instant Adam and Eve bit into forbidden fruit, stupid moments became a fact of life.

Such experiences can range from laughable to lamentable, humbling to humiliating. Whether they result from brilliant ideas (that weren’t), careless actions, or unanticipated circumstance, the uncomfortable aftermath often remains fresh in our minds throughout our lives.

In this sixth book in the Moments series, 48 authors share 62 stories illustrating that no matter what brings these moments into our lives, it’s what we learn from them that matters.

Sometimes we learn something important about ourselves. Other times we learn not to take things too seriously.

Ultimately, these moments serve to remind us we’re only human, and we always need the grace and redemptive power of Christ in our lives.

Other books in this series are Divine Moments, Christmas Moments, Spoken Moments, Precious Precocious Moments, More Christmas Moments, and Additional Christmas Moments. Loving Moments is scheduled for early 2o17. I am now receiving submissions for:

  1. Coola-nary Moments – stories of culinary mishaps, extraordinary cooking stories, and recipes
  2. Romantic Moments – love stories, dating, falling in love, marriage, weddings, bridesmaids, lost love, etc. etc.
  3. Questionable Moments – based on authors’ response to questions asked by God/Jesus in the Bible, or implied, such as: “Where are you?” “Where are you going?” “Do you love me?” “Do you believe?” etc.
  4. Christmas Moments Book #4 – for 2017

These stories in the series of Divine Moments books are written by multi-published and first-time-published authors who generously share their experiences without compensation, but with the joy of knowing all the royalties go to Samaritan’s Purse. Since 1970, that organization has helped victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, disease, and famine with the purpose of sharing God’s love through his son, Jesus Christ.

If you would like to share an experience, contact me at

Those writing Stupid Moments articles are: Gloria Anderson, Joye Atkinson, Karen Nolan Bell, Mason K. Brown, Roger E. Bruner, Elsie H. Brunk, Janet Campbell, Rebecca Carpenter, Joann M.  Claypoole, Sharon Blackstock Dobbs, Susan Shelton Dollyhigh, Dorothy Floyd, Theresa Jenner Garrido, Tommy Scott Gilmore III, Diana Beamis Good, Nick Harrison, Sandra Merville Hart, Helen L. Hoover, Lillian Humphries, Terri Kelly, Alice Klies, Barbara Latta, David A. Lehman, Yvonne Lehman, Lynn Lilja, Diana Leagh Matthews, Andrea Merrell, Maggie Micoff, Marybeth Mitcham, Vicki H. Moss, Shelley Pierce, Deborah M. Presnell, Colleen L.Reece, Toni Armstrong Sample, Gloria Spears, Cindy Sproles, Nate Stevens, Fran Lee Strickland, Barb Suiter, Ann Tatlock, Leigh Ann Thomas, Donna Collins Tinsley, AudreyTyler, Jan Westmark, Kathy Whirity, Dr. Rhett H. Wilson Sr., Debra DuPree Williams, Jean Wilund.

About yvon63

Yvonne, with 73 books to her credit, is an award-winning, best-selling author of 57 novels with more than 3,000,000 books in print. Her work has been published throughout the US and in Germany, Holland, and Norway. Yvonne loves to read in many genres, so she writes for readers of Romance, Women’s Fiction, Christian Fiction, Cozy Mystery, Young Adult, Biblical times and stories including suspense, humor, true events and thought-provoking plots with intriguing characters. She lives in panoramic western North Carolina with her Pomeranian, Rigel.
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