Old Things…

It’s finally fall in Texas, which means the humidity has left the area until next spring (for the most part). The days are turning crisp and the leaves are beginning to turn.


This is my favorite time of year because there is lots of outside time. And it’s a great time to take a drive in the country.

If you haven’t done so lately, I highly recommend you take some time, pick a country road, and then…just drive. No destination necessary.

You never know what you’ll see along the way and the trip can be therapeutic. Be sure to take a camera with you because you can find beauty in the most unusual of places. Whether it be the magnificent color of the fall foliage that reinforces that God is in control. He’s never too busy to change the seasons for us and bless us with the beauty of each of them.


Or perhaps you’ll see a stream running through the woods close to the road that not only is peaceful to look at but also provides water for wildlife. If you stop at the side of the road and watch, maybe you’ll see some of that wildlife.




You can even find beauty in the old deserted houses along the roadside.

Colorado Autumn Barn

The next time you’re out driving around in the country and you see an old abandoned house, stop and take moment to wonder about its former occupants. What were they like? Were they farmers or ranchers? Did they raise children there? When they passed away, was there no one else to leave the place to?


So, the next time you feel as if life is getting a little too hectic, take a drive in the country and let God’s majesty refresh your soul.

What’s your favorite memory of taking a country drive?


All the best…

Mary Alford


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1 Response to Old Things…

  1. I have relatives in Maine and Tennessee – two incredibly beautiful places to drive and see Gods creation in bloom.
    Thank you for reminding me to slow down and plan some “creation” viewing time.
    Fiction that feeds your faith


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