Rediscovering Faith by Tara Randel

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

How many times have you recited this scripture? Perhaps studied the concept of faith? If you’ve spent any amount of time in church, you’re sure to have heard a sermon on the topic. But when it comes to the most trying circumstances in life, do you believe?

Before my daughter became sick and subsequently passed away, I thought I understood what faith was all about. After, I wasn’t so sure. Not that I ever stopped believing God is who He says He is. I never thought He let our family down. Never considered walking away from my relationship with Him. No, it was more of, did I not have enough faith? Could I have prayed more? Harder?

I’ve since come to peace with my questions, because of the many conversations I’ve had with the Father. I did all I could. Things happen in life. People get sick. Some are healed here on earth, others go home to heaven to complete their healing. But still, every time I heard someone talk about faith, doubt kicked in.

So when I found out a faith study course was being offered on a Wednesday night at church, I realized I needed be there. Obviously I still needed reassurance.

The first class was iffy as folks talked about being healed. I’m always thrilled to hear these testimonies, but I have to admit, it still hurts. I thought, was I crazy to take this class? What is it going to prove?

Last week I got my answer. NOW faith…

I hear people quote the scripture, but leave off the NOW. And that’s an important part. I have to believe NOW, before my faith request is seen. Faith is action. I turn my faith loose when I speak what I believe. Here’s the part I’d forgotten about, speaking in the present tense. Faith is NOW, not in the past or in the future.

Now maybe you’re thinking, yeah, I know all this. And I’m so glad you do. To me, it was a reminder of what I had believed before losing my daughter. How powerful my God is NOW. I’ll never go into another situation the same way as I did in the past, because I’ve been reminded of the NOW.

If you’ve been questioning your faith, or hadn’t really thought about it lately, I encourage you to keep this scripture verse in your mind. Faith is an important part of our everyday life. To be honest, I’d been afraid to exercise my faith. Afraid things wouldn’t turn out like I asked. But you know what, it’s not about me or what I want. It’s about God’s word and what He says He will do. And when I had the ah ha moment I’d been lacking these past few years, I realized I’d been missing out on a huge part of my spiritual life. I won’t ever do that again.

 Tara Randel is an award-winning, USA TODAY bestselling author of twelve novels. She is currently working on new stories for Harlequin Heartwarming, The Business of Weddings series, as well as books in a new series, Amish Inn Mysteries. Visit Tara at Like her on Facebook at Tara Randel Books


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3 Responses to Rediscovering Faith by Tara Randel

  1. Wonderful encouragement, Tara. Very sorry for your loss. Those things try us. Doubt is such a constant companion. But this is a beautiful reminder.

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  2. Judy says:

    My condolences.

    What helped with my NOW faith was when I finally grasped the concept of praising God IN the storm, not before or after but during. It’s more difficult than I anticipated. I become so caught up in the storm and simply making it through I forget to praise God. It was also tough when I didn’t feel like praising. “Facing the Giants” helped me see it at work. The couple wants so desperately to have children, and the wife learns once again she isn’t pregnant. She stops outside the office, by her car, and says something like “I don’t understand why this is, but I love You God anyway. I will always love You anyway.” What a difference that change in my life is making, and yet I still forget, every day. Learning.

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    • tararandel says:

      I agree. Praising God before we see the result is so important. Thanking Him like the work is already completed is vital too. You are right, it’s all about learning. Thanks so much for commenting!

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