The Secret to Coping with Old Tapes by Vicki Hinze

Old Tapes. We’ve all got them. Those bits of conversations and things we’ve been told that, true or not, we believed and took in deep. You’re ugly, you’re fat, you’re stupid. We heard those things from people in authority over us, people whose opinion mattered, and we figured what they were saying must be true because, well, they would know.

But did they? That’s the part, our part, that wasn’t assessed. Perhaps because of our youth. Perhaps, in part, because of the role those people played in our lives. Or perhaps because we esteemed those people and respected their opinion–at times, more than our own.

There are many reasons we develop old tapes. And coping with them creates all kinds of conflict in us and for us. But how we address them, and whether or not we permit these old tapes to control our thinking is up to us. We can embrace or shun them at any time.

I’ve created a video on coping with old tapes I hope will be helpful to you. Watch it. Share it. Because it isn’t until we deal with these old tapes that we can relegate them into history where old tapes belong.


Vicki Hinze–My Kitchen Table: The Secret to Coping with Old Tapes from Vicki Hinze on Vimeo.


Here’s a copy of the Personal Power Card referenced in the video:


Personal Power Card, Vicki Hinze


* * * * * * *

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