Back To School-At Any Age by Tara Randel




It’s that time of year again. The kids are off to school. Those yellow buses that have been absent all summer? Well, they’re on the road once again. It seems like summer had only just begun and the school bells are ringing before you know it. The first day of school is either a sad day for parents who are enjoying summer with their children or the happiest day of the year. I have to admit, when my daughters were younger, I had mixed emotions between the two.

But here’s the question I’ve been thinking about. Is the school year just for kids?

I would have to say no. There are plenty of people of varying ages returning to the classroom. And why not? There are so many opportunities to increase your education or study for a new career.

I’ve always taken classes, even after I got out of college. First, it was continuing education to keep my dental hygiene license current. I still take classes today, even though I’m not active in that profession. I want to make sure I’m up-to-date on changes in the field or take a refresher course in case I do go back to work at an office.

As my life changed and I decided to pursue writing, I immersed myself if workshops at my local writers group. This was a brand new career and although I loved to read, writing a story to completion was a new concept. I had a lot to learn. Plot? Conflict? Characterization? Talk about overwhelmed. But I stuck with it. Learned from some of the best in the business. Every time I start a new project I pull out certain books or articles that help me jump start my story. And to this day, I always take craft classes if I’m at a writers convention.  I also teach craft classes when the opportunity arises, which helps me hone my craft.

In my spiritual life, I am always reading books and taking classes at church to deepen my walk with the Lord. I love topical studies or a study of a particular book of the Bible. I enjoy the perspective of different teachers, whether it be at a live classroom setting or a Beth Moore prerecorded study. I’ve been a teacher for years and let me say, as the teacher, you do more studying then you ever share in class. But that’s okay, because I love delving into the things of God.

So if it’s your children, or yourself, taking classes, enjoy the back to school season. It is exciting to start something new, even better to learn something new. Blessings!

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