Song and Story by Kristen Heitzmann

song and story

A while back, I threw out to my Facebook friends that I needed a certain type of song for a scene in my story. The response was amazing. (Huge bonus: checking out all the artists I haven’t heard and remembering goodies from back in the day.) One friend and her husband had so much fun suggesting songs, they ended up jamming and dancing the night away.

I love the way music can set the tone, enhance thoughts or dialogue, deepen characters, and move the plot. Finding just the right song, even if we can only hint at the lyrics can enrich a scene. The music I used in my upcoming Told You So is quite disparate! Saxophone solos to Disturbed’s “The Sounds of Silence.” Clearly the story has dark and light themes.

Then yesterday, an advance reader shared a video of a song that kept going through her mind as she read. It was “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again ” by Danny Gokey, and–oh my–how perfect! It could be the story’s theme song and though I didn’t use it in this novel, I hope to incorporate it in the novella that follows. Great stuff.

Anyway, how about an opportunity to share a song you discovered in a novel or that a story made you think of. If you write, what song did you most enjoy using in your tale? Do you find and listen to songs after reading–or during–or is the glimpse in the story enough?

And, always, thanks for sharing this moment. Have a blessed day!

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