The Demand for Stories and the Greatest Opportunity

by Elizabeth Goddard

My family loves to see movies. I think we’re all enthralled with stories no matter the venue– video games, TV series, books (especially books!) or movies. I’m one girl living with four boys (my husband and three sons) so, of course, the movies we see are action-packed. Hence, I write action-packed novels and throw in some emotional romantic drama for my audience! But it’s all fun.

Remember when VHS tapes came out? Yes, I’m sort of giving away my age here. Do you remember thinking—who would ever go to a movie theater again if we can just wait to get the video and watch it at home? We thought that having the ability to watch the movies in the comfort of our own home would negatively affect theaters.

We couldn’t have been more wrong!

Remember before cable when we only had FREE television with only three stations to choose from and they went off the air late at night? Who would have thought we would be willing to not only PAY for our television, but we pay for movies via streaming services and DVD-in-the-mail services, and now subscribe to additional television and movie stations.

Our hunger for entertainment has only increased with each new venue. What is it all about?


The world craves good stories, and Christian writers have never had a greater opportunity or greater obligation to point back to the One.

It’s an exciting time to be a writer.

Many blessings!

Elizabeth Goddard


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