Cover Creatin’ by Kristen Heitzmann

So much of a writer’s life is putting words together, making story happen. It’s not news how much I love that. But as an artist, I have to say I’m falling in love with cover design. Can’t claim to be a pro or even that great, but I have had quite a fun (obsessive) time creating the cover for my upcoming release Told You Twice. (coming in July.)

First there’s the photo shoot. It’s tricky to get all the elements working together. The right expression, good placement and interaction in the models, and—in this series—the hand language to go with the titles. I know people might not notice or care, but I can’t resist the fingers representing the words and so on.

Here’s where it started:


Once I pick the photo, the artsy part begins, endless creative and constructive possibilities. For instance the lead guy is blond and scruffy, so that was my first challenge, but it’s really just like drawing with a few nifty tricks thrown in. Choosing backgrounds was especially important for me this time because front and back represent elements in the plot. I also want to have the right feel to match the story. Grace and Devin had their struggles in Told You So, but here the suspense ramps up for Bo Corrigan and Devin’s cousin, Alexis. Told You Twice is a transformative tale that had me pretty worried for a while. While writing, I told some friends, “I hope Bo survives.”

Here’s where the cover went:


Told You Twice full w bleed suspense 8

If you’d like to know what this one’s about, here is the blurb:

From the lights of Broadway to the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, winning her heart might cost him everything

Alexis Murphy is done messing with the wrong kinds of men. She could not be happier planning a personalized Grace Evangeline wedding with her fiancé, Jeffrey, who is so right for her. Or is he?

Stage star and spokesmodel, Bo Corrigan, could be the ultimate disruption. Alexis—Exi—is caught by his talent and sexual magnetism. Yet under the glow, she senses trouble, not only danger from Bo’s past mistakes, but something inside tearing him apart.

From the moment Bo sees Exi, he knows she’s special, but not only that—she’s real. Unlike the theater scene he’s been immersed in, she sees the man he is and won’t stop until she’s reached inside and brought that person from despair to life … if only they have time.

With violent forces against them, can they get beyond the damage to love that heals and restores?


Kristen Heitzmann


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32 Responses to Cover Creatin’ by Kristen Heitzmann

  1. Kay Walsh says:

    Love this cover!!!! Yes, yes, yes, to the starburst.
    No to the tag line. The tag line distracts from the visual message.

    “Sexual magantism”? That’s bold on a Christian novel but it’s real. It will draw readers that would usually not look twice. (Yes, the “twice” is intentional. lol)

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  2. Heather says:

    Love the cover! Can’t wait for the book! But I have to disagree on the starburst. I want my eyes to go to the very real emotion on their faces, not a spot of light. The light seems extraneous. I also like the tag line. It makes me want to pick it up and read the back for more.

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  3. I like the no starburts, with tagline option–I guess I’m with Heather. 🙂


  4. dixiegran says:

    No starburst and no tagline, beautiful. I like the subtle look, no distraction and emphasis on the couple.


  5. Thank you for the feedback. So helpful. 🙂


  6. I don’t like the starburst, but I do like the tagline. 🙂 I’m SO excited!!! Can’t wait to read it!

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  7. jackielayton says:

    Hi Kristen,
    I love the cover. I like the tagline and the starburst. The thing I’m worried about, and it might just be my computer screen, is the T in Told doesn’t show up great. I can’t quite figure out why, so it could be my screen.

    I’m excited about Told You Twice coming out soon!

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  8. Rissi says:

    I tend to feel like the starburst is a distraction though I do like the “tease” the tagline offers. But then, whichever final design you ultimately go with, I’m sure it’ll be great (I love the emotion the models convey for these characters) – and I’ve zero doubt the story is great, Kristen! Congrats on your upcoming release. 🙂

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  9. Wendy A. says:

    I like the third one, myself. Can’t wait for it to release! (So glad it’s coming in July.)

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  10. Rebecca Maney says:

    No starburst with tagline. No reason other than its what my eye tells me. Looking forward to it.

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  11. Gail Bender says:

    This probably won’t help you at all, but I’ll bet there are a lot of readers who agree with this. I have read thousands of books in my life, and I have spent maybe a minute or less looking at the covers. When everyone was commenting on the starburst on this one, I had to look and will admit it took me a little while to find it! I felt like I was playing that game where you have to find what’s different between two pictures…lol. I would read your books if the covers were solid with just the title, because I know what’s waiting inside! So like I said, that doesn’t help you choose the cover, but be assured your readers will read the book regardless of the choice you make! Be blessed, Sister!! 🙂

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    • Every response is a blessing, Gail. I’m so happy you love my stories–and my heros. Teehee. Not everyone is visually impacted by covers, so it’s helpful to hear that any would work for you. Thanks, dear.


  12. Cathe says:

    I like the starburst. It seems to put a frame on the cover.
    The title is a little hard to read, though. If I wasn’t familiar with the phrase, it would read as: OLD YOU TWICE.

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  13. i like the starburst, didn’t even notice it til i looked for it! the colors seem richer to me with the starburst. and i’m a fan of the tagline in general so leave it in, says i

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  14. Cindy says:

    Kristen, love the tag line! The starburst I, like previously mentioned, had to look for it. I do like it. But give me one of your books in a plain brown wrapper and I’m in love! I guess I would vote for star burst and tagline. Can’t wait to read it! Been enjoying Told You So this week again. So much fun! Be blessed beyond all expectations, Kristen. You bless me all the time.

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  15. My vote is for no starburst (not that it’s annoying, just doesn’t feel necessary) and yes tagline. As a general rule, I don’t like taglines on covers. But dang, this one … especially for those of us who know and care about Bo!! … eek. Also, since Book 1 has a tagline, I think without one, Book 2 would be missing something if they were side by side.

    Other random thoughts: I think the T is blending because most of it is on the white. And I love the “2” of Exi’s hand. 🙂

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  16. courtney207 says:

    I might be a little late chiming in, but I like either of the covers with the tagline! I feel like it hints at the suspense element. I do like the starburst (it’s almost like a “spark” between them), but I also understand why some people have mentioned it’s a little distracting. No matter the cover, I’m anxious to read this one, Kristen! 🙂


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