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I admit I laughed hard at this example from a recent trending Twitter hashtag #manlybookclubnames. It was spurred by a New York Times article about men’s book clubs. One such club declares it was founded to proclaim that “yes, we too, are intellectuals.” And it hit home how far we’ve come from the days when only male authors had standing, a time when Mary Ann Evans became George Elliot in order to publish in the Victorian era, an era when men were expected to read.

Now, in spite of male authors who sell bucket-loads of novels, the belief is that their readers are women. Some of these femmes might foist a book on their guys to lure them from the TV or sporting event, golf course, or video game, but modern men have somehow lost the desire—and maybe the ability—to read. I hear there are statistics that support this.

Manly men don’t read…do they? Well, check out Instagram’s hot dudes reading. Oh yeah. Men in public, reading books in one form or another makes them hot dudes.

I think digital readers have played a part in getting men reading in greater numbers. Having a library on you as you go about your day just works.

My husband is a voracious reader, almost exclusively fiction with a smattering of baseball biographies. He reads male and female authors equally. He loves good characterization, great dialogue, good action, and touching scenes. Half of the prereaders for my novels are men. They not only read, but give me feedback—insightful comments, suggestions, and encouragement.

But, say we dispel the myth and agree men read, what about book clubs? Christian men’s groups gather to study, to discuss topical books, non-fiction faith builders etc. But what about stories? I’m frankly loving the idea of men reading fiction—literature or pulp—and talking about it, discussing how the characters impacted them, what they took away from the plot and conflict. What did the book mean? Was it any good? Why?

This should not be a jaw-dropping concept. Sure the hashtag had fun naming the book clubs. And yeah, those broga dudes are eye-catching. But, seriously, I’d love to hear from guys on this topic. Interesting? Appealing? Why or why not? (Ladies can chime in too. It’s not: No Country for No women)

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2 Responses to Manly Readers by Kristen Heitzmann

  1. what a fun post! and what an oh my image! it does make us stop and think though, how far we’ve come in what, 200 years? near-total role reversal! c’mon, dudes! read those books!!! (and get your broga on!)

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