Addicted to Reading and GIVEAWAY

by Elizabeth Goddard

Are you addicted to reading? Looking for that next fix (book)?

If you’re like me, when you finish a good book you’re  sad it’s over and wished you hadn’t finished the book, but then again you were reading fast and furious to get that satisfying ending so you could experience the thrill of it.

Still. . . it’s over. Maybe you should read it again. I’ve done that before. I once finished a book at 4 am. and the ending was so good, so satisfying, I went back and read it again right after I finished even though it was the early morning hours.

If you don’t want to read it again and you need something new and fresh, how do you choose? Where do you escape to? What characters do you spend the next ten or so hours with between the pages of a good book?

When you’re looking for that next book to read, do you look through your TBR pile and then go buy a new one anyway? Ha! I am guilty.

Do you pick your book by:

  1. Cover
  2. Setting
  3. Genre
  4. Author
  5. Back cover copy/Premise
  6. Recommendation
  7. All of the above

I admit that it’s all of the above for me. I might see a gorgeous cover that intrigues me enough to buy the book. I’m especially partial to settings, in my own writing, at least. An exotic setting inspires me to write. Alaska has been a popular setting for readers and reality show watchers.

As for genre, I usually read romantic suspense or thrillers these days (since that’s what I’m writing) and I have my favorite authors. Recently, a friend recommended a new author to me and I fell in love with her books so will likely read almost everything she writes.

Do you have several titles going at the same time? Perhaps you read something every day from a non-fiction self-help book, your daily Bible readings and a devotional, something for work, and something for pleasure–which can be an addiction.

Currently, I’m addicted to books by  James Rollins and Susanna Kearsley. I’ve already read every book by Kristen Heitzmann and several other authors.

How about you?

I’m giving away a copy of my newest release, TAILSPIN. Tell me how you find the books to feed your addiction in the comments section to enter the drawing!



goddard-LR-new-4 (2) blackandwhiteElizabeth Goddard is the bestselling, award-winning author of more than twenty-five romance novels and counting, including the romantic mystery, THE CAMERA NEVER LIES–a 2011 Carol Award winner. A 7th generation Texan, Elizabeth graduated from North Texas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and worked in high-level software sales for several years before retiring to home school her children and fulfill her dreams of writing full-time. She currently makes her home in Minnesota with her husband and children.

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About Tailspin:


Nothing can stop Sylvie Masters from scuba diving to find her mother’s down
ed plane—except possibly the hit man determined to keep the truth from surfacing. When brave bush pilot Will Pierson comes to her rescue, she knows she can still reach her goal, but she needs his help. Will wants answers about the crash, too, especially since his mother was the missing plane’s pilot. He’ll be the hero Sylvie needs, but can he ever trust her? Sylvie is shrouded in secrets that keep leading her back to Mountain Cove. Secrets someone will kill for. Will may protect her, yet no one can persuade her to end her search…not even a killer.

Mountain Cove: In the Alaskan wilderness, love and danger collide.




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7 Responses to Addicted to Reading and GIVEAWAY

  1. Kristen Heitzmann says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Beth Nagy says:

    The way I pick the next book to read, hmm – sometimes if I am reading an author’s series, I am usually at least a book or two behind, so I’ll read the next book. If the book I finished was a stand-alone fiction, it will be more a choice of do I feel like fiction or non-fiction, do I want something that I can read quickly or something that will take longer because it requires more concentration.


  3. Beth Fiscus says:

    How do I pick my next book? I basically grab my kindle and look to see which one matches my mood the best. I download books to my Kindle and don’t have time to read them right away, so I have plenty to pick from! Your book sounds awesome!


  4. Mary Preston says:

    I find that WOM is still the best for me. Book blogs are great too.


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