He Is With Me by Tara Randel

February was a grueling month for me. I had to finish a book, which is due tomorrow! So all my time and energy has gone into the finished product.

Still, even though I’m focused on writing, I have the privilege of knowing the Lord is by my side. I would never even consider this career if I didn’t know God would “never leave me nor forsake me.” I’d say my hours spent writing are solitary, but that isn’t necessarily correct. I know the presence of God is in the room as I type away on my keyboard.

That said, we sang a new song (new to me, anyway) in church Sunday morning. The lyrics immediately touched my spirit and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. The song is, Here Now Madness by Hillsong United. Here is a sample of some of the lyrics:

Your ways are higher, your thoughts are wilder…

Here now, all I know is I know You are here now…

Let your voice be all I hear…

I don’t need to question God’s presence. I know He is always with me. How awesome to have that assurance, that no matter the struggles or joys I experience in life, God is there. I can depend on him. He is in control.

I pray that you also have that blessed assurance and I hope the song touches you like it did me.

To really appreciate the song, check it out on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWi4ahGSI34

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