POWER OF HUMOR by Kristen Heitzmann

How many things are better faced with humor? Take a minute and let this video give you a smile.

I love how God built into us a resiliency to find a light heart even in the midst of storms, fear, or discouragement. You can’t miss his sense of humor in plants and animals he created–us most of all. And I think one of God’s greatest gifts is laughter. That’s why it was such a treat for me to write my new novel Told You So.

Years of trials in my life yielded stories that explored anguish and loss that underscores hope and love. So this story came as something of a surprise. I realized how long it had been since I had laughed in the writing of something. Not everyone agrees with some of the artistic choices I made to allow this story the authenticity it needed to maximize its impact without sanitizing. And that’s okay. My call, in this project at least, was to write in the truest fashion an accessible story to bring light to a genre in need of it. As always my prayer is to glorify God while meeting people where they are.

Told You So is a story of resilience and hope, even when life imitates art that imitates life. It’s about finding joy, even when you feel like you may be standing alone–not only in the world–but among your brothers and sisters in Christ. David laughed and danced before the Lord in the midst of criticism and judgment. What a beautiful example to follow.


Told You So, Kristen Heitzmann, Amazon, Christian Fiction

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4 Responses to POWER OF HUMOR by Kristen Heitzmann

  1. Kristen i’m literally LOL’ing at that video and would be ROFL’ing if it was physically possible. (there’s a visual for ya!!!) great way to start the day says i!!!


  2. Sonia Kichefski says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Kristen! Laughed through the entire video…..What a difference humor makes. It’s likely that this gal helped a few overcome their “flying angst…”. (Yep….right in the middle of a teeny, tiny, claustrophobic plane…) 😉 Cannot wait to read your new book. Looking much forward to humor, (oh, how we can all use a bit of it right now). And thankful you have followed your heart in this. Everything I’ve heard only makes me eager to settle down with afghan & hot cup of coffee…and to dig in to the new story. (Yes, I followed your advice about the Kindle. Now…where’s that funny flight attendant who will explain to me how this thing works…? hehe.) 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • So happy you enjoyed that video. Southwest has an amazing concept. I have laughed heartily at several of their shows. Why not have fun with it? I do hope you’ll enjoy the story also. Have you figured out the kindle?


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