Season’s Comfort by Hannah Alexander

Are you having a wonderful Christmas season? I pray you are. I’d love to see everyone I know and love–or even those I don’t know or necessarily love–have a wonderful season with all their wishes met. If that’s the case with you, blessings on you, just relax and enjoy. May God continue to give you that wonderful joy. You can stop reading now because I don’t want to ruin that joy.

If you aren’t having the best time of the year, if you’re struggling with family issues, the pain of a breakup, divorce, death, illness, anxiety, you are so very welcome to join a specific, large crowd of people who will commiserate with you. Being a writer, I’m online communicating with others daily. I’m not sure why–maybe because Christmas is a time of year when we expect joy to abound–but it seems to me that I see more suffering, more loss, more illness and broken hearts in December than I see at any given time the rest of the year.

I’ve experienced loss more often during this season than during any other time. Barely an hour ago a funeral procession passed our clinic. Our town mayor passed away. I have so many friends experiencing loss, depression, illness and more that I can’t explain it.

The only answer I can give to myself is that the world was under attack when Jesus was born, and that pattern continues. This is the time of year when we celebrate the birth of God in human form. He came to earth to sacrifice for us. Such an ultimate act of love stirred up the evil forces, and those forces still exist and still attack. So yes, I believe there is always evil in the world, and I was once told that where goodness abounds, evil will be there to also abound in this world.

Our hope is not in or of this world. It’s in the eternity provided for us by Christ. It’s a truth I hold onto at this time of year when everything seems to fly apart and pain abounds. Because of Christmas there is hope. No matter what’s happening, I have that hope to look forward to. Christmas is here to remind us He came. I cling to that even if I don’t have a Christmas tree with presents or a wreath on the door. Hold onto that hope even if all else fails, because that Hope will never fail.




About alexanderhodde

I love to write, I love to read (in that order) and I love to hike. My husband loves to fly remote control model airplanes, when he can get them into the air.
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